Flooring is a crucial part of any design project. When it comes to choosing appropriate office flooring, aesthetics and function are equally important. After all, the floor encompasses a large percentage of a space!

Choosing Carpet Tiles For An Office Space

With wide design variety, excellent acoustic qualities and ease of installation, carpet tiles are popular in many office spaces. If you’re having difficulty picking the perfect tiles for your office, here are five tips to consider to choosing carpet tiles for an office space.


When it comes to commercial flooring, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. A busy office with lots of foot traffic will have different requirements than a small office with about half a dozen people. A major tip is to keep the Texture Appearance Retention Rating (TARR) of your chosen carpet tile in mind. A TARR is an objective indication of a carpet tile’s durability. It also includes classifications that show you the spaces each carpet tile is suitable for. So, be sure to select tiles with a TARR that matches your office’s needs.

Unity or Diversity

Employees may use one office area less often than another. For example, private offices and meeting rooms will have less foot traffic and require less carpet resilience. On the other hand, common areas and corridors are heavily used and need more durable carpet tiles. Varying your choice of carpet tiles based on different usage levels will help you save some money and give you more diversity in design.

Installation Costs

Certain types of tiles can help reduce traditional installation costs. For example:

  • Non-reactive adhesive and backings– usually, old adhesive first needs to be removed before installers can put in any new flooring. Now, products with non-reactive adhesives and backings will eliminate the need for this process if you decide to change the flooring later down the line.
  • Cushion-backed carpet tiles– if the subfloor has any lumps or bumps, your installers will apply a skim coat to level out the unevenness. You can save yourself the cost of this step by choosing thicker cushion-backed carpet tiles, so the uneven surface underneath won’t show through.


Some manufacturing warranties are time-limited, while others will only cover specific incidents. Make sure to understand the warranty provided fully before purchase! Otherwise, choosing to the floor with a comprehensive lifetime warranty may be the best way to ensure your flooring investment is protected.

Health And Well-being Of Employees

You might consider installing flooring with good underfoot support if your employees spend a significant amount of time on their feet. Also, if your office has a large open-plan design, it’s a good idea to select tiles with good acoustic insulation to reduce ambient noise for a comfortable working environment.

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