Flooring is a big investment, and once the installation is complete, you will want to do everything in your power to maintain its new and beautiful appearance. Failing to care for your floors can lead to a number of headaches and will prevent you from enjoying your investment. With Avalanche Flooring, it is possible to save time and money, so if you want to eliminate your headaches and want to reduce the burden of maintaining your floors, the following tips will help:

Choose Flooring That Does Not Require Waxing

There are a number of alternatives to vinyl composition tiles, including luxury vinyl tiles, which are available in a beautiful range of designs. You can choose a stone look or a wooden appearance, just to name some examples. Some of these tiles do not require any adhesives and can be installed over asbestos tiles, meaning you could avoid abatement. They are also very low maintenance and require no waxing, just a simple wet mop instead. There are a number of other options as well that are asthma and allergy-friendly and made of 100% natural materials. Not every type of flooring will have to be waxed, so explore other options.

If You Like Carpets, Choose One That Will Not Release Odours

There are so many carpets to choose from, so take your time to select the right one. Look for one that is made of closed-cell construction because this would prevent moisture from being able to get absorbed. There are a number of materials that perform like sheet vinyl and this means it will look and feel like a carpet, so you will get the appearance and results you want. These materials are also anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and will provide you with improved air quality.

Try Your Best To Minimize The Wear And Tear Of Your Carpets

This is a possibility if you choose cushion-backed carpet tiles because they last a lot longer, so you will get to enjoy your flooring for a longer period of time. Carpet tile backing is adhered to the fibres and will not zipper on the edges.

Choose Flooring Options That Are Safe

Before agreeing to one type of flooring, look into the options that will reduce slips and falls so that you don’t have to worry. There are slip-resistant flooring options that will reduce the chances of tripping hazards.

Always Place Mats At Your Entrances To Prevent Dirt And Debris From Entering Your Home

Placing mats in designated areas provides people with a place to remove their shoes and wipe their feet before coming inside. This will make a very big difference, and you will see less debris and less dirt on your flooring as a result.

Avalanche Flooring can help you with all of your flooring needs. Whether you need hardwood or vinyl flooring, our flooring company can help, so if you are in Winnipeg, give us a Call Today!