Flooring trends come and go, and some have lasting power while others are temporary. It’s natural for homeowners to acquire new tastes as the years go by, and there are a variety of flooring options available, so you will be able to find something that matches your design preferences and personal taste.

If you are looking to update your flooring this year, the following are the top trends in flooring design for 2022:

Fumed Wood Flooring

This is a beautiful option that is rich in colour and grain and does not require any staining. The wood is placed through a process called fuming, which involves placing the wood in a chamber where airborne ammonia is released. When the wood reacts with the ammonia, a colour change will occur, and the fuming process will transform the wood into dark tones while enhancing the natural grain of the wood. Your flooring will be luxurious and very appealing as a result.

Bleached And Blanched Woods

If you’re not a fan of the glossy brown stains that are present in most wooden floors, this type of flooring may be right for you. It will provide you with a softer look because of the white-washed appearance of bleached flooring. This type of flooring goes through a bleaching process called blanching, which involves the application of a chemical solution onto the surface of the wood to strip it of its artificial dye or the stain coating present on the wood. Blanching will provide the wood with an ashy appearance, and the beauty and charm of the natural wood will remain intact.

Distressed Wood

This trend has been popular for a very long time because it provides homes with a luxurious appearance. Distressed flooring goes through artificial ageing and styling processes to give it a worn finish and is ideal for homeowners who want a rustic appearance. When preparing distressed wood flooring, different actions are taken depending on the style and the degree of the distressed appearance you are after. The edges of every individual plank are hand scraped, after which swirl and kerf markings are added to create the look of historic wood. The planks are then brushed to remove the gloss and to give them a worn texture.

Patterned Wood Layouts

This is a newer trend that is gaining popularity and is perfect for homeowners who want to add a unique twist to their floors. Patterned wood layouts are available and can be installed in kitchens, bathrooms and other areas of a home. The final results are very stylish, so if you want flooring that is modern, patterned layouts would be ideal for you.

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