Do the floors in your home need to be replaced? You are probably considering these three different replacement options: Hardwood, laminate, and engineered hardwood. Why not make a green shift in your home by using sustainable flooring! What’s the big deal with the different types and how do you know which type of flooring is right for you?

Things You Need To Know Before Buying New Floors

Refinishing Hardwood Floor

Before you can even look at getting new floors, you have to remove your old floors. If you have hardwood floors, think about refinishing first. The most sustainable way to switch up your home’s flooring when you have hardwood or engineered hardwood is to refinish. Refinishing removes most stains and you can easily change the colour of your flooring. The entire process is cheaper than new floors but it cannot solve the issue of mold.

Hardwood vs. Laminate vs. Engineered Hardwood

Hardwood flooring is made of one solid slab of wood. Hardwood floors can be very expensive, though they do look great in every room! Hardwood lasts for years and can be refinished once in a while to keep it looking fresh.

Laminate or vinyl flooring is made up of slabs of fibreboard, topped with a high-quality image of hardwood. Laminate flooring is not subject to the same challenges as hardwood, it is nearly stain-proof but typically doesn’t last as long.

Finally, the happy middle is engineered hardwood. Engineered hardwood is made from many layers of wood topped with a thin piece of traditional hardwood. This specific type of flooring is not only more durable, but it’s actually within the same price range.

Why is it more Sustainable?

The big push for sustainability has pushed consumers to be more aware of the practices behind their wood floors. At Avalanche Flooring, we are always happy to express our practices. For one, we only use wood from mature trees to allow younger saplings to grow tall and strong and drop seeds of their own. Next, we consistently try to minimize the amount of waste we have following each job. When it comes to the materials themselves, it really depends, feel free to ask the team at Avalanche Flooring about our most sustainable options!

What is the Cost Difference

Laminate is the cheapest material out of hardwood, laminate, or engineered hardwood. It is only a few dollars per square foot but may not last as long as other flooring. Engineered hardwood is right in between traditional hardwood and laminate in terms of price. It can be refinished a few times but not as much as traditional hardwood. Finally, traditional hardwood is the most expensive.

To talk about your Winnipeg flooring choices, call Avalanche Floors today! Have a look at all your options today and get started with your new flooring tomorrow!