Luxury WPC vinyl tile is one of the fastest growing floor covering categories gaining popularity today.

Not only does it offer homeowners high-quality visuals, durability, a variety of different colours and textures, but it also offers the benefits of being waterproof and ease of installation.

Along with a plethora of other vinyl products to hit the market, WPC vinyl is one of the best products for those looking for the appearance of traditional hardwood flooring without the headache and extra maintenance. It’s also one of the most popular flooring options for commercial spaces and businesses. What’s more, WPC vinyl flooring can be easily installed over existing subfloor.

Luxury Vinyl Tile for Moisture Prone Areas

WPC vinyl plank flooring is known to be 100% waterproof. It features a special waterproof core that makes it perfect for pretty much every room in the house. It consists of four layers: the backing layer, the waterproof core, the printed vinyl layer and the wear layer.

WPC flooring is known for offering thick layers that provide your floor with more protection. When looking at vinyl flooring, it’s still important to look at layer thickness, just as you would plank thickness.

We would recommend that you consider installing waterproof flooring in the following areas:

Waterproof Flooring in Your Kitchen

Installing waterproof flooring in your kitchen makes a lot of sense. It is impervious to any spilled liquids or sauces, it’s easy to clean and maintain, and it provides a high level of durability. Your kitchen is also an area that gets a lot of traffic in the house.

Waterproof Flooring in Your Bathroom

Another obvious choice would be the bathroom, a room that deals with a lot of spilled water especially when it features a bathtub. With vinyl flooring you can achieve wooden floors in your bathroom with no worries of flooding.

Waterproof Flooring for Your Basement

Basements are notorious for flooding, so choosing to floor can be a headache. It’s a good thing that vinyl tiling gives you endless options for the floor you want in your basement without the worry of thousands of dollars of damage if a flood occurs.

Vinyl Flooring for Your Commercial Space

Vinyl tile flooring remains one of the most durable options for flooring on the market today. It’s able to hold up to high levels of traffic day in and day out. This makes it a very efficient choice for your commercial space.
Enjoy Vinyl Flooring Anywhere

Vinyl flooring is a good fit for pretty much any room in your home. You really can’t go wrong with it. Well, there is one exception: the outdoors.

If you’re a business owner, a pet owner or a parent, vinyl flooring can give you the peace of mind you need in your life. Think about it! If you would like to learn more about luxury vinyl tile, contact us at Avalanche Flooring today.

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