Hardwood floors have been always popular due to their beauty. While they are the best option if you are after appearance, it is important to note that cracks can sometimes form between the boards, although this issue can be fixed and the proper maintenance will prevent it from happening in the first place.

The reason that gaps form with this type of flooring is that hardwood is affected by the weather, so as your home’s temperature becomes hot, the wood will expand and as the temperature becomes cold, the wood will shrink. Humidity is another factor that affects hardwood floors because wood is known to shrink whenever it becomes dry. The proper humidity levels in your home will prevent this problem, so try running a small humidifier in your room or using the furnace’s humidifier, and you will notice a difference. The right humidity levels will also improve your family’s health, so there are a number of benefits to the hardwood floor to using a humidifier.

Different Gap Repair Methods

If you continue to see cracks after using a humidifier. You will need to fill them in, and there are different methods you can use to help with this problem. You will have to consider whether your floors are finished or unfinished and the extent of the damage to select the best method. One option you can consider is flexible gap fillers, which retain flexibility after drying. They are less likely to be pushed out if the boards swell, so they are perfect if you need to seal narrow cracks. The process is simple and will require the use of a caulk gun and trimmer.

Another popular method you can consider is the use of hardwood strips as these pieces of wood can help you fill in larger gaps. You need to cut the strips and apply wood glue to both sides and drive them tightly between the boards. You can remove any excess wood using a block plane once the glue has dried so that the floor becomes smooth. This method is far more effective for square-cut boards and is not ideal for tongue-and-groove floors.

The use of a rope is an old but very effective way of filling in gaps in hardwood floors. You will have to measure the rope to fit. The use of a synthetic rope is not recommended and the pieces of the rope must be wedged into place. Once the rope fillers are flush with the adjacent boards. They can be stained to match your floor. Putty fillers may be tempting, but you must avoid them because putty hardens, chips and flakes over time. This will leave you with bigger problems and your floors will look worse, so this option must be avoided.

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