When it comes time to replace or update the floors in your home, you have many options to consider. Laminate, tile, vinyl – the choices can seem endless. While each type of flooring has its pros and cons, hardwood remains a popular and worthwhile choice for many homeowners.

Why is hardwood such a wonderful flooring material? 

One of the biggest draws of hardwood is its natural beauty. Nothing quite compares to the warmth and charm of real wood. Whether you prefer traditional or modern farmhouse vibes, hardwood fits right in.

  • In addition to great looks, hardwood has substantial staying power. Properly maintained wood floors can last 50 years or longer with normal household traffic. The durability comes from wood’s dense cellular structure. Installing engineered or prefinished wood makes it even more resistant to wear from daily use. I want my new floors to hold up through many years of playtime with my kids and pets. Hardwood gives me confidence they will withstand everything life throws at them.
  • Beyond longevity, hardwood also increases a home’s resale value. Realtors routinely advise homeowners that wood contributes to overall livability and appeal. Hardwood signifies quality craftsmanship and materials. Wood just has that classic charm buyers love. The investment in quality floors pays off if you ever decide to sell.
  • Routine maintenance is simple, and the rewards are well worth it. Sweeping and mopping about once a week is enough to keep them looking their best. Occasional light sand and recoat add a refreshed layer of protection. The natural water resistance of wood makes it easy to clean spills and minor accidents. With protective pads under furniture, hardwood also stands up well to normal scratching and scuffs from daily living. Proper handling preserves that just-installed shine for many years to come.
  • On the installation front, hardwood provides a few advantages, too. It can be laid on, above, or below grade, offering a flexible setup anywhere in the home. Engineered wood acts just like solid wood but with more forgiving layouts. DIY hardwood projects can prove easy thanks to user-friendly locking systems and thin, lightweight planks. No experience? Hardwood professionals ensure perfect results. Either way, the installation process allows for enjoyable weekends spent improving my home instead of stressing about complicated tile jobs.
  • As far as cost, hardwood offers great value for its beautiful materials and longevity. Upfront costs compare well to alternatives once you factor in higher replacement intervals for other flooring types. Affordable engineered wood broadens budget compatibility, too. Various width options provide low minimum order quantities for small remodeling areas. All in all, hardwood delivers outstanding quality at fair sticker prices.

Transform Your Home With Hardwood Flooring From Avalanche Flooring

Avalanche Flooring will ensure you are thrilled with your choice of hardwood flooring. Beyond the visual and technical advantages, wood adds natural warmth that enhances my family’s daily living. Every morning, you will appreciate stepping onto the hardwood’s timeless charm.

Winnipeg homeowners can rely on our flooring company for hardwood floors. If you’re after comfort, beauty and classic style, give us a call today!